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The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record

The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record cover

The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record

Author: Robert Skead
ISBN: 9781951122706 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781951122713 (ebook)
Publication Date: November 7, 2023
Price: $14.95 (paperback)
Pages: 162

A young boy lands a dream job for the Cincinnati Reds where he becomes witness to a baseball record that is unbreakable.

In 1938 12-year-old Richie Goodwin doesn't think life can get any worse. His highly competitive nature always makes it difficult for him to make friends and now he must get a job to help his struggling family. When Richie lands a dream job as batboy for the Cincinnati Reds, his troubles continue to brew when he must answer to a bossy senior batboy, obey strict rules, and convince the guys at school that he really did land the job. After carelessly disobeying a clubhouse rule, Richie gets fired and now his friends will think he is a liar and phony.

Given a second chance Richie must learn to follow the rules as he gets to witness Johnny Vander Meer set a baseball record that might be unbreakable.

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Batboy and the Unbreakable Record Image Batboy and the Unbreakable Record Image
Batboy and the Unbreakable Record Image Batboy and the Unbreakable Record Image


"The young protagonist of this wonderful historical novella lives out a dream, absorbs nuanced lessons about honesty and empathy, bullying and forgiveness, and is an up-close witness to real and unmatched drama on the ballfield - all in a couple of weeks. Robert Skead conveys compelling and credible detail in characters, dialogue and events while concisely capturing an accomplishment that baseball fans of all ages rightfully marvel over nine decades later."
William Weinbaum, ESPN journalist

"Robert Skead touches upon important, extremely relatable themes of teasing and bullying. Skead gives thoughtful examples of ways to handle tough situations in productive and supportive ways. It is a wonderful story of personal growth in adolescence and an action-filled and engaging way to discuss those themes with baseball lovers, children and students in the middle grades."
Annie Mapes, LSW, Anti-Bullying Specialist

"Some of baseball's greatest moments are so long in the past they can almost be forgotten. The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record tells us the story from a freshly unique perspective of one of those greatest moments in our national pastime. It is heart-warming to see a story like this can be written for us today."
CF Payne, Illustrator and Cincinnati Reds fan

"Rob Skead conjures a delightful story, combining an historic moment in baseball with life lessons about bullying. Richie's dream about becoming a batboy for the Reds faces many challenges, but with the help of his parents, his school principal, and the great Johnny Vander Meer, Richie finds himself with a front row seat for one of baseball's legendary feats, Vander Meer's consecutive no-hitters."
Greg Rhodes, Cincinnati Reds Team Historian

"A unique and inspiring re-telling of the legend of Johnny Vander Meer, Rob Skead brings Vander Meer's record-setting performance to life through the eyes of a young fan who overcomes numerous challenges to achieve a personal dream. The Batboy and the Unbreakable Record is a worthy addition to the baseball libraries of fans of all ages."
Chris Eckes, Chief Curator, Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum


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