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The Dragon's C.L.A.W.

The Dragon's Claw

The Dragon's C.L.A.W.

Author: Dr. Gerold Yonas
ISBN: 9781951122584 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781951122591 (ebook)
Publication Date: May 16, 2023
Price: $16.95
Pages: 288

At America's premier research lab in New Mexico, birthplace of the atomic bomb, the race is on to save humanity.

Dr. Alek Spray and his team are on the verge of a breakthrough that could produce clean, unlimited energy. In the wrong hands, the same technology could become a deadly weapon. As Alek struggles to create a transformative energy source, he faces pressure from the U.S. government to apply his findings to building a weapon of mass destruction. After a mysterious laboratory accident and the disappearance of two of the team's members, Alek joins forces with FBI Agent Gabi Stebbens to uncover who else is trying to harness this new technology. Their investigation that takes them to Mexico and China, where they discover a plot by a rogue Chinese general using Mexican drug-cartel money to develop a lethal beam-weapon called the Dragon's CLAW. If Alek and Gabi cannot stop this rogue alliance it will create a new arms race and Alek's dream of changing the world by creating limitless clean energy will come to an end.

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"This book is a masterful collection of spies, intrigue, and the ever present government bureaucracy churning too slowly and at cross-purposes with both offensive weapons and efforts at peace. Yes, it is a work of fiction (especially the "science") but, as in reality, the spy hunters find spies, real and imagined: the bean counters care only about the numbers; and, the scientists either see their weapons as protecting against the "Other" or maintaining peace. Read this book to find out how it all plays out. You won't put it down until the final page."
~ Nancy Hollander, internationally recognized criminal defense lawyer. She has represented scientists accused of spying and peaceniks accused of getting in the way.

"A sexy, intelligent thriller. Dragons C.L.A.W is a compelling melange of science, national security intrigue, mystery, politics and a dash of the supernatural. It's a rare novel that so expertly depicts the role government scientists play in foreign policy, particularly when it comes to big power rivalries between the United States and China. If you're a fan of James Bond, this is the book for you. And like all good novels, or meals, it leaves you hungry for the next course."
~ Sidney Balman Jr., Pulitzer-nominated war correspondent and author of the Seventh Flag Trilogy

"Gerry Yonas introduces current day science concepts in a realistic manner into his plot along with characters who are credible based on my experience working in the national laboratories. The book is fast paced and easily readable by all audiences. While this is science fiction, the science involved in the plot makes one ponder what other ideas are out there for development into either good or evil applications, like the Manhattan Project quandary in WWII over nuclear energy for weapons or electricity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to sci fi aficionados and the general public alike."
~ Dr. John C Browne, Los Alamos National Laboratory Director 1997-2003


2023 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards Finalist - Adventure/Drama

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