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Author Information

Geoff Habiger

Geoff was raised in the shadow of roaring lions and peacock calls in Manhattan...Kansas, not New York. (That's the Little Apple, not the Big Apple, for those of you playing along at home. And the wild animals came from living behind the city's zoo.) Growing up Geoff loved exploring the woods around his home, sneaking into the zoo (don't tell anybody), and playing baseball and Dungeons & Dragons. He and his best friend, Coy Kissee, would spend hours reading comics, playing all sorts of role-playing games, and talking about books and movies. Geoff stayed in Manhattan for college, getting a B.S. degree in Geology at Kansas State University (Go Cats!). He then attended gradual school in Bozeman, Montana where he didn't graduate, but did meet his future wife, so that worked out well.

In 2004 Geoff began two new (though very much part-time) careers in publishing, one as a senior partner in the independent book publishing company, Artemesia Publishing, and the other in a game publishing company, Tangent Games, started with Coy. Through Tangent Games Geoff and Coy have published dozens of role-playing books and a few card games. Geoff published his first book, the Dinosaur Learning Activity Book, a children's coloring and activity book about dinosaurs in 2005. His first novels, Unremarkable and Wrath of the Fury Blade, co-written with Coy, were published in 2018.

Geoff currently resides in the wilds of the Monzano mountains, east of Albuquerque, with his wife, son, and two cats. His is currently working on sequels to both of the novels already published.

Visit Geoff and Coy's author website: Habiger/Kissee Authors

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Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing.


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Anthologies where Geoff's work can be seen.

En Route III: The Road Less Traveled (ISBN: 1589780523 Publ: Atlas Games)

The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary (ISBN: 1589780302 Publ: Atlas Games)

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