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Author Information

Geoff Habiger

Geoff is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He is the author of several books for Dungeons & Dragons published by Tangent Games, as well as being published in the "The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary" and "En Route III: The Road Less Traveled" by Atlas Games. He is the co-founder of Tangent Games and is the co-owner of Paleoartisans, a paleontology and fantasy T-Shirt company.

Geoff lives in New Mexico with his wife and son. He is currectly working on several new projects for Tangent Games and is co-author of his first novel called Unremarkable.

Other Titles

Titles Published by Artemesia Publishing.


Dinosaur Learning Activity Book


Brixbrix's Field Guide to the Creatures of Ados

The Divine Order: Jute - Faith of Creation

Other Titles

Ados: The Land of Strife (Publ: Tangent Games)

Better Damage through Alchemistry (Publ: Tangent Games)

Mineral Alchemy: Alchemy from Gems and Minerals (Publ: Tangent Games)

Mineral Magic: Volume One (Publ: Tangent Games)

Gemerator (Publ: Tangent Games)

Campaign Detailer Series Bundle 1 (Publ: Tangent Games)

Commodity Cards I: Food & Drink (Publ: Tangent Games)

Commodity Cards II: Raw Materials (Publ: Tangent Games)

Commodity Cards III: Finished Goods - Swords to Plowshares (Publ: Tangent Games)

Commodity Cards IV: Finished Goods - The Adventurer's Kit (Publ: Tangent Games)

Commodity Cards V: Finished Goods - Hearth and Home (Publ: Tangent Games)

Natural Wonders - Flora (Publ: Tangent Games)

Ars Lingua (Publ: Tangent Games)

Anthologies where Geoff's work can be seen.

En Route III: The Road Less Traveled (ISBN: 1589780523 Publ: Atlas Games)

The Penumbra Fantasy Bestiary (ISBN: 1589780302 Publ: Atlas Games)

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