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The Pearl Plot: Murder at the Old Homestead

The Pearl Plot

The Pearl Plot

Author: Vicky Ramakka
ISBN: 9781951122621 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781951122638 (ebook)
Publication Date: July 18, 2023
Price: $16.95
Pages: 352

Two murders, a century apart, a pearl in a pack rat's nest, and rumors of a lost silver cross create modern problems for Millie Whitehall.

Botanist Millie Whitehall and Archeologist Lydia Hamilton are making good progress surveying an old homestead until they discover the body of a missing university professor in the root cellar. Millie soon learns why the homestead was abandoned shortly after it was built; another horrific murder occurred inside the cabin in 1913. The discovery of a pearl and the rumors of a lost silver cross stir up memories best left forgotten. An old man's dying story leads Millie to uncover the link between the two murders. But when the site is vandalized it jeopardizes the property from being declared a National Historic Site. Millie is determined to complete the survey, even though the professor's murderer could still be around and her own life endangered.

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"In this gripping tale of love and death in the remote badlands of northern New Mexico, Vicky Ramakka captures the magic of the desert Southwest's plants, animals, and unpredictable weather. Once I started reading The Pearl Plot, I was taken right along for the ride. I particularly enjoyed the multicultural aspects of the story and loved every minute with Millie."
- Scott Graham, National Outdoor Book Award-winner and author of Saguaro Sanction, Book 8 in the National Park Mystery Series
"I thoroughly enjoyed The Pearl Plot. The story combines knowledge of the Four Corners and all its cultures with suspense and a compelling murder mystery."
- Cindy Yurth, Navajo Times Assistant Editor and Reporter, Retired
"The Pearl Plot is intriguing and informative. It presents BLM resource specialists and managers as people, working as a team. As a BLM resource specialist for over 30 years, I perceived my fellow specialists and managers as family - working side by side to implement Congressional mandates for conservation and preservation. Vicky's rendering of the BLM and its challenges and humanity is as accurate as I have found in print. It's a story that sparks inquisitive minds and reflects the complexity of public land issues. It was hard to put down."
- Kristie Arrington, BLM Colorado State Office & San Juan Field Office, Durango, Retired


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