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Red Screen

Red Screen cover

Red Screen

Author: Daniel Burke
ISBN: 9781951122720 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781951122737 (ebook)
Publication Date: December 5, 2023
Price: $16.95
Pages: 336

No one really dies in the Metaverse, do they?

Parker Reid is the FBI's top profiler, and he's been dispatched to hunt another monster. A serial killer is slaughtering people in their beds. The manner in which he kills, the trophies he takes, and the way he poses the bodies indicate the killer is acting out a cruel fantasy. The murders are real, but the clues have led Parker to the computer-simulated worlds of the Metaverse.

Shea Britton is hunting a killer too. The top player in an elaborate fantasy simulation game called the Land of Might and Magic, Shea's character, Darshana, is on a quest to rid the Land of an evil player known only as The Gray Warrior, who is killing the game's best players.

What neither of them know is they are hunting the same person, and soon the game will become a lot more real for Shea.

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Reader's Favorites
"Red Screen by Daniel Burke is a gripping thriller, with edge-of-the-seat action from cover to cover...This was a book I simply could not put down until the final and satisfying conclusion."

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Indie Reader
"Eminently likeable characters face parallel dangers from both real and virtual worlds in Daniel Burke's RED SCREEN, a delightful, often funny, always compelling thriller, even for readers unfamiliar with VR or gaming."

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Kirkus Reviews
"A cool thriller with well-blended elements of crime, suspense, and gaming culture."

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Many Books
"Red Screen is a must-read for fans of thrillers and online gaming. However, the story is compelling enough that even readers who might not be clued up on virtual reality or gaming can get hooked. With this novel, Daniel Burke has crafted a superb serial killer mystery but also a fascinating look at online gaming."

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"Daniel Burke's Red Screen takes the reader on an enthralling journey into the metaverse, where the forces of might and magic bleed dangerously into the real world of corporate malfeasance, deadly technical anomalies, and family dysfunction. Prepare for a wild virtual ride that will ensnare you in its spell!"
Regina Buttner, author of Down a Bad Road

"Following the finest tradition of stories such as Dot Hack, Summer Wars, and Belle, the line between the digital and real worlds becomes blurred, and events on both sides begin to affect them equally; Burke's Red Screen takes you into a whirlwind of a thriller, jumping between both worlds to show you the consequences of greed. You won't see online video game grinding, bug seeking and player vs player kills in the same light after reading this book. A must read for fans of thrillers, video games and virtual reality."
Ricardo Victoria, author of the Tempest Blades series

"In this whipsaw of a thriller, author Daniel Burke leapfrogs between the actual world and the realm of virtual reality with the commanding presence of a cyber juggernaut. What is believed to be a mere Metaverse game turns out to be far more. Players are not only dying in the game but in the real world as well. Enter Shea Britton, a techno geek and VR wizard who dominates a game called the Land of Might and Magic, where the Gray Warrior, the suspected killer is believed to be stalking his victims. Can Shea bait the Gray Warrior long enough for FBI profiler Parker Reid to stop him for good or will victims continue to fall? You'll be riveted to the edge of your seat in this high-energy page-turner. Outstanding!"
Lawrence Kelter, bestselling author of the Stephanie Chalice Mystery Series

"Silence of the Lambs meets Ready Player One. Red Screen has all the gripping suspense of a thriller with the sci-fi spin of a videogame gone darkly wrong."
Brent A. Harris, author of Alyx: An AI's Guide to Love and Murder


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