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Murders of Conveyance
Now Available!

Murders of Conveyance

Journalist Natalie Seachrist and her boyfriend, private investigator Keoni Hewitt, are delighted to join a Chinese New Year scavenger hunt across O`ahu. Experiencing tourist sites, a classic l?au and Chinese feast are appealing, but when her vision of a mid-twentieth century murder parallels a crime outside their hotel room, they again volunteer to aid their friend HPD Lieutenant John Dias. Although separated by sixty years, they consider whether the crimes are connected. Expanding visions, a false scavenger hunt clue, and the potential discovery of a priceless Kuan Yin statue in Chinatown hint at a single murderer with long hidden secrets.

Rattlesnake and Son
Now Available!

Rattlesnake & Son

His long-lost son was the last person Dan Shepard, the Rattlesnake Lawyer, expected to meet when he was ordered to be at the courthouse in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Poor fourteen-year old Marley might even be psychic. With his special abilities, Marley can help Dan take his local practice statewide. Rattlesnake & Son could be the next great New Mexico law firm.

Unfortunately, things go exceedingly wrong at school for Marley and he is charged with some very serious crimes. The Rattlesnake Lawyer now has to represent his son in his wildest trial yet. When he learns the truth about his son, Dan and Marley will have to face some extremely dangerous consequences.

Poplar Falls Now Available!

Poplar Falls

The small city of Poplar Falls is abuzz with gossip after a body is found in a bachelor apartment. The body is tied to a four post bed with a pillow still on its face, an obvious victim of a bizarre murder. While Detectives Franklin Dodge and Roxanne Tilley investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the death of the promiscuous new guy in town named Charlie Baker, a client of the Magnolia Wellness and Rehabilitation Centre; new evidence also arises in an unsolved case. A case whose perpetrator the locals refer to as the Panty Bandit, the pilferer of womenís undergarments. With a long list of suspects for a murder and new developments in what they were considering a cold case, the biggest challenge they face is the race against the constant gossip being spread through town by the group who refer to themselves as the Naughty Knitters. With the help of these ladies, stories spread like wildfire as people debate which of Charlie Bakerís lovers is the one guilty of murder.

Dinosaur Learning Activity Book
Now Available!

Dinosaur Learning Activity Book, 3rd Ed.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for over 180 million years. Now, let them entertain you with the Dinosaur Learning Activity Book. Matching, puzzles, mazes, connect-the-dots, and lots of pages to color make learning about dinosaurs and geology fun for paleontologists of any age.

With over 80 pages of dinosaur material the Dinosaur Learning Activity Book is perfect for those rainy afternoons, long trips in the car, or a visit to your local museum.

The third edition has been recently updated to reflect the many amazing and fun changes being made by paleontologists as they continue to study and learn about dinosaurs. From new discoveries to confirming feathers on many different dinosaurs this latest edition keeps up with the cool dinosaur science.

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