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Tempest Blades: The Withered King Coming August 2019!

Tempest Blades: The Withered King

Fionn thought his days as a warrior were over. Gaby & Alex never expected to become heroes; until they met Fionn. Now they must join forces before ancient evil rises to consume the land. In a world where magic and science intermingle, anything is possible.

Beatrice on Her Own Coming September 2019

Beatrice on Her Own

Having feld the dreadful blitz in London Beatrice Sims has learned to appreciate the differnt culture and landscape in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her world is rocked again with the news of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The 13-year-old girl must draw on her experience of being a stranger in a strange land to battle fear and prejudice when a Japanese Internment Camp is built in town. Will Beatrice have the 'gumption' to face the challenges the war is bringing to everyone?

Scattering the Ashes Coming October 2019

Scattering the Ashes

Sam Holmes' simple life as an 8th grade history teacher and training for the New York City Marathon is changed forever when his father suddenly passes away. Now, to earn his inheritance, Sam must undertake his father's unique quest to scatter his ashes in different places. When Sam meets Rachel Parker on one of these trips his life takes another radical turn. But a looming contract dispute at work may end Sam's budding romance with Rachel and derail his hopes of running in his first marathon. The critical decisions that Sam must make will impact the rest of his life.

Cactus Plot Coming November 2019

The Cactus Plot

Hired by the Bureau of Land Management to survey threatened and endangered plants, Millie Whitehall travels to the sparse and harsh environment of northwest New Mexico's high desert. Her job of protecting the endangered San Juan Cactus is overshadowed by two murders on the BLM land. When autopsy reports reveal that the seemingly unrelated deaths involve plants, Millie uses her skills as a botanist to discover the real culprit.

Recently Released from Artemesia Publishing

Murders of Conveyance
Murders of Conveyance

Journalist Natalie Seachrist and her boyfriend, private investigator Keoni Hewitt, are delighted to join a Chinese New Year scavenger hunt across O`ahu. But when her vision of a mid-twentieth century murder parallels a crime investigated by their friend HPD Lieutenant John Dias, they volunteer to explore the possibility that the crimes are connected. Expanding visions, false scavenger hunt clues, and suggestion of a priceless Kuan Yin statue hint at a murderer with long hidden secrets.

Rattlesnake and Son
Rattlesnake & Son

Dan Shepard, the Rattlesnake Lawyer, didn't expected to meet his son when he was ordered to be at the courthouse in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Now reuinited with son Marley, and ex-wife Luna Cruz, Dan must try to balance being a father with running his law practice. But when things go exceedingly wrong at school for Marley the Rattlesnake Lawyer has to represent his son in his wildest trial yet.

Poplar Falls
Poplar Falls

Poplar Falls is abuzz with gossip after the promiscuous Charlie Baker is found murdered. Detectives Franklin Dodge and Roxanne Tilley investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the murder and face a list of murder suspects that seems to encompass most of the women in town. But the biggest challenge they face is the race against the constant gossip being spread by the Naughty Knitters. With the help of these ladies, stories spread like wildfire as people debate which of Charlie Bakerís lovers is the one guilty of murder.

Dinosaur Learning Activity Book
Dinosaur Learning Activity Book, 3rd Ed.

Dinosaurs lived on Earth for over 180 million years. Now, let them entertain you with the Dinosaur Learning Activity Book. Matching, puzzles, mazes, connect-the-dots, and lots of pages to color make learning about dinosaurs and geology fun for paleontologists of any age.

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