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Congratulations to Pat Walkow, Bruce Wilson, and Geoff Habiger and Coy Kissee for being finalists in the 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Check out all of our award winning books.

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The Cursed Titans Coming July 2021

Tempest Blades: The Cursed Titans

When an ancient being tries to raise legendary nightmares known as Titans, using the triennial Chivalry Games as cover, Alex has to find a way to stop the plot before it is too late. Alex must learn that he is not truly alone to save the world from the chaos of the Titans.

The Shakespeare Incident Coming September 2021

The Shakespeare Incident

Denny Song claims that he shot at deputies near Shakespeare, NM because the "aliens made him do it." When his sister, budding attorney Denise Song, comes to town, she raises the insanity defense to save her brother. But suppose he's telling the truth?

The Least Among Them Coming October 2021

The Least Among Them: 29 Players, Their Brief Moments in the Big Leagues, and A Unique History of the New York Yankees

The Least Among Them is a most special baseball book that looks at the New York Yankees history in an original, unique, and never before written manner. Throughout their history, the New York Yankees have been defined by the legends and the successes of their most famous players. But, as part of their long history, the Yankees have also fielded players that have become lost to history. This book is those players' story.

Death in a Desert Garden Coming October 2021

Death in a Desert Garden

Bea Rivers seems to have the perfect job at Shandley Gardens, but there is a slow rot within the desert garden's botanical wonders. When the president of the board, Liz Shandley, is murdered, suddenly Bea's job is less perfect. Bea is drawn into the investigation of tangled relationships, enigmatic botanical clues, and long-hidden secrets that will forever reshape the Gardens.

Recently Released from Artemesia Publishing

New Mexico Remembers 9/11 New Mexico Remembers 9/11

The contributors to New Mexico Remembers 9/11 offer enlightening, sometimes heart-wrenching prose, thoughtful analysis, and evocative poetry. What did they see? Do? What did they tell their children? How did they get home? Who got angry? Or terrified? As we approach the twentieth anniversary of the attacks, readers of these stories and poems will understand New Mexico may have been physically far from the devastation, but its heart was just next door.

The Dreaded Cliff The Dreaded Cliff

Flora and her packrat life are perfectly ordinary, perfectly predictable and is all about snuggling in her treasure-packed nest and 'snibbling' snacks with her packrat pal. There's only one thing--looming nearby is the dreaded cliff. Ever since she was a wee pup, other packrats have warned "beware!" and Flora's stomach twists into knots. All this is about to change when old Grandma Mimi tells Flora about their ancestral home, stuffed in a dark crack in the cliff. Flora tucks the story of the home deep in her heart. Then tumbles into a faraway canyon. Life turns to unpredictable as Flora meets quirky critters, strange adventures, and deep mysteries as she discovers what's truly important in her life.

Unavoidable Unavoidable

Al Capone is out of jail, but Eliot Ness tells Saul and Christian to leave the notorious gangster alone. When Mr. Brown's mysterious master is revealed Saul finds that his family is in danger. The only way for Saul to save them will be if he pays the ultimate price.

The Menagerie The Menagerie

Tales of witchcraft and poison swirl through the court of the Sun King as courtesans try to win the favor of King Louie XIV. As the King's General of Police investigates the deaths, hauling in witches and charlatans alike, fingers point to the King's mistress, with whispers of a black mass celebrated over her naked body.

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