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Dinosaurs Behaving Badly

Dinosaurs Behaving Badly

Dinosaurs Behaving Badly
Illustrated by: Jason Poole
Written by: Jason P. Schein

ISBN: 9781951122331
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: May 3, 2022
Price: $14.95
Pages: 94

"Dinosaurs so fierce they'll eat your crayons!"

It's easy to think about dinosaurs as fantastical, other-worldly beasts, "real" only as glorified monsters in summer sci-fi blockbusters and our imaginations. It's quite another to think of them as living, breathing animals every bit as real as hawks and house pets. Animals that lived complex lives filled with intricate behaviors that allowed them to interact with each other and their surroundings, just as all animals do today-including us! As scientists, that's how we spend our days-trying to read the clues left behind by the fossilized bones to figure out just how they lived their lives.

There is only so much that the bones can tell us, though, so we look to the modern natural world to help us fill in the gaps. And this is where our imaginations become an important part of the process! Dinosaurs Behaving Badly will provide plenty of both! We'll tell you about the latest research on dinosaur behavior, but let you interpret the details in your own way. Use every ounce of your creativity and imagination to bring the ancient world back to life and see what you just might learn in the process!

Coloring has been shown to reduce stress and is a great way for the brain to take a break - for kids and adults!

Download FREE coloring sheets featuring three of the dinosaurs from the book!

Dinosaurs Behaving Badly Image Dinosaurs Behaving Badly Image
Dinosaurs Behaving Badly Image Dinosaurs Behaving Badly Image


"I love the new book. What can I say, the two Jason's have brought a lost world back to the future; just far enough for you to help add your own touch of colour to the scene" ~ Professor Phil Manning, University of Manchester

"A great combination of science and art that helps highlight dinosaurs as once living animals."
~ Jennifer Anné, Lead Paleontologist & Manager Natural Science Collection, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

"Schein and Poole's "Dinosaurs Behaving Badly" is a passionate yet concise treatment of dinosaur diversity and behavior. Brilliant effort!"
~ Matthew T. Mossbrucker, Director and Chief Curator, Morrison Natural History Museum


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